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What to Consider When Planning a Getaway Vow Renewal

Sheila Cannon Feb 18, 2019 0

Destination vow renewal

Whether it was two or twenty years ago, your wedding day is an experience you will never forget. As you and your significant other evolve and grow as a couple, the love and appreciation you have for one another may flourish immensely since you exchanged your vows for the first time. This not only signifies your commitment to one another, but showcases the fact that you can navigate this crazy thing called life without having a doubt that your meant for each other. If you and your spouse are planning on renewing your vows (destination style!) to celebrate your continued commitment to your marriage, here are some tips for you consider during the planning stages.

Establish a Spending Plan

Before discussing the details associated with where, when, and who you are going to invite, it is important to solidify a budget. Knowing how much you’re going to spend can assist you in choosing appropriate details that can make your vow renewal extra special. Remember, a destination ceremony entails additional travel related costs too, so make it a priority to save as much as you can to avoid an affordability issue. The great news is that there are a variety of ways to do so! Look into credit card reward programs, or explore options for cutting down on your debt repayment plans— like arranging an opportunity for refinancing student loans or switching over to automatic billing for extra savings. However you may choose to save, it will benefit you greatly when it comes time to purchase flights or reserve a resort. Schedule a complimentary travel consultation with me so you can receive an accurate estimate of travel costs.

Choose a Location

The atmosphere of your vow renewal sets the tone for the overall experience. I will take the weather, accommodations, availability and price into account when helping you choose the destination that is right for you. Always keep note of these details so you and your spouse can compare the rates of each place that interests you. Whether you choose to renew your vows on a Polynesian beach, in the Swiss mountains, or in a French castle, we will discuss each option to confirm that what you choose is going to remind you of why you’re planning to exchange your vows a second time.

Outline Your Guest List

A vow renewal can be an intimate experience or a celebratory occasion with many friends and family. Depending on what you and your significant other prefer, inviting guests is a task you do not want to procrastinate about, especially when travel is involved. If you do plan on inviting others to cherish the moment with you, the guest list can be relatively short. Since this is the second time around, it’s not necessary to rely on your family members telling you to invite a ton of people. This day focuses solely on the two of you more than your guests’ experience. If you choose to do your renewal without anyone there to witness, you can still reserve a fancy dinner, couples’ massage, or a romantic night in to celebrate your love for one another after you’ve re-exchanged your vows.

Write or Reread Your Vows

Although re-reading your original vows or creating new ones are both ideal options, it is imperative to plan out when and what you are you going to say to one another. Your vows are meant to capture the importance of your long-lasting relationship, so value the time you take to recreate the perfect speech. If you are writing new vows, reflect on all of the wonderful relationship milestones you’ve had since you were first married and how your spouse has made a positive impact on your life. Don’t be afraid to share an embarrassing or funny moment that you’ve had together, or a sad time that you overcame that made you both stronger individuals. The more personal you are with this, the more emotion it will bring to your event.

Find an Officiant

It is common for a vow renewal ceremony to be more personal than a wedding. While taking that into consideration, it is vital for you and your partner to find an officiant who will make the experience one to remember. Whomever you choose, make your intentions clear— do you want a serious, more romantic renewal, or a casual and relaxed one? When an officiant has a good understanding of what you want him or her to say, they will be able to plan their speech accordingly and rehearse knowing exactly how you vibe. If hiring an official minister isn’t something you are comfortable with, ask a close family member if they’d be willing to host instead.

Decide on Your Attire

The beauty of a vow renewal— you can wear whatever your heart desires. What you decide to wear often is a reflection of where your ceremony is held. While it is smart to dress according to the location and weather, you can be really creative with your outfit choices. If being comfortable is your preferred choice, you can always bring a fancy outfit to wear for an evening occasion you may have planned after the ceremony.

Vow Renewal Trip Planning

After our consultation and discussions with your spouse, you are ready to embark upon a luxurious vow renewal trip. This rekindling of your love and celebration of your time together will be an unforgettable excursion. Once your beautiful destination is selected, I will take care of all the details, reserve your resort, and book your travel. From now until then, you can be carefree in the knowledge that your trip is planned and all details are monitored until the moment you return home!

Call me today at 800-733-7471 to start bringing your vow renewal ideas to life!

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