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Top 4 Reasons to Cruise Antarctica

Sheila Cannon Mar 07, 2019 0

Abercrombie & Kent cruise ship in Antarctica

For those who love to travel, Antarctica represents the most exclusive destination on Earth. In this instance, the journey and the destination are equally life-altering. You will experience the beauty of our planet in ways rarely known by other people. Here are the top four reasons you must check a luxury cruise to Antarctica off your bucket list:


Antarctica is (and may always be) the least travelled destination on Earth. It holds a mystified air about it and shuns the traditional traveler with its icy shores. But the world’s most experienced travelers know the secrets of the White Continent and the beauty within. While tropical cruise ships may house up to 5,000 passengers, we offer trips with a maximum guest count of only 199. You can enjoy the peace and splendor of Antarctica without a crowd.


The sights of Antarctica are unlike anything else on Earth. Its unique climate and landscape deliver photogenic moments that can’t be replicated elsewhere. Your Facebook feed will be filled with images that will leave your friends envious. Capture the unique elegance of deep blue waters and light blue ice. Share the vivid nature of the even more rare emerald green ice flows! The geothermal beaches are a sight to behold. Antarctic scenery can only be seen to be believed.


Antarctica Cruise penguins

Just because the wildlife has to endure the elements doesn’t mean you must. Your cruising options can deliver the highest levels of luxury including expertly curated shore excursions, the finest culinary experiences, and ship-wide WiFi. Some of our best cruises have a personnel-to-guest ratio of 1 to 1.3 to ensure that your every need is cared for by the best means available. Many cruises are limited to a maximum guest count of only 199 and set forth on the finest luxury ships on Earth. These adventures are the best ways to explore the distant continent of Antarctica.

Luxurious Accommodations

Think you are limited to tiny penguins? Certainly not! Antarctica is inhabited by birds that can fly, penguins that can’t fly, seals, whales, and squids. Marvel at the hearty life that calls Antarctica home including the famous Emperor penguin, the black and white orca, the pure white Snow Petrel, the massive blue whale, the adorable Weddell seal, and the Antarctic squid which can reach more than 40 feet in length! There are also three species of flowering plants that live on the continent and await your discovery.

Choose Antarctica

You have earned a trip to our southern most continent for an expedition unlike any other. Enjoy a warm coffee as you stare upon shimmering ice shelves. Traverse the blue polar waters as you walk toward glaciers. Experience the love of penguins and seals only found in Antarctica. This is the trip you deserve and Carefree Romantic Vacations, Inc. can make it yours!

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