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I'm Sheila Cannon. I founded Carefree Romantic Vacations to help busy couples like you experience the honeymoon or vacation of their dreams, without them having to lift a finger. My passion is to help your love come alive, in a carefree and romantic setting.

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My husband introduced me to travel on our honeymoon, as we sailed to the Caribbean on my first cruise. He had been on several, working as a magician for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. I was smitten; with him and with travel!

A few years later our two children arrived and our vacations changed into driving across the country or crowding all four of us into one stateroom on several cruises. They were very fun and memorable times, however, needless to say, we didn't get much alone time when we traveled.

Now that our children are independent, we can travel as a couple and enjoy the romantic side of travel once again! Travel helps to keep us close and it's exciting to have that next carefree, romantic vacation just over the horizon. It's my dream that we will renew our vows on one of our future getaways.

We still love cruising, but have also discovered the many islands of Tahiti and Fiji, all-inclusive Sandals Resorts and have enjoyed exploring all over the Caribbean and Europe. In fact, I've been to all 16 Sandals Resorts. (I love my job)!

Whether you have just completed your vows or made them many years ago, I can help you by custom-designing carefree, romantic honeymoons, destination weddings and vacations with personalized touches that create an atmosphere of excitement and a celebration of your vows to one another.

Remember, playing together is soooo important!

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About Me

I'm Sheila Cannon with Carefree Romantic Vacations. I work with busy couples who long to realize their dream of an exotic honeymoon or stress-free romantic vacation. They want to experience adventure & culture, in an exotic locale. They don't want the stress, drama or hassle of trying to do it all themselves.

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