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The Ultimate Whale Watching Experience on Maui!

Sheila Cannon Apr 10, 2014 0

Now I know what you’re thinking – this all sounds painful but watching whales out in the ocean, doing their “thing”, is something that every single person on this planet must do at least once in their lifetime. When these huge, magnificent animals show off their “stunts” including Breaching, Spy Hopping and Tail Slapping, there is absolutely nothing that the best Hollywood effects team could create that would even come close to comparing to the real thing.

Ultimate Whale Watching Maui

Ultimate Whale Watching Maui

Although the whales start arriving in December and depart back to Alaska in April, the absolute peak time to see the Humpback whales is the last week of February in Maui.

There are a lot of copy-cat whale watching tour boats loaded with tourists packed like sardines out there who will offer you a beverage in a paper cup and some popcorn. If you want a truly fabulous and unique experience, you’ll want the Carefree Romantic Vacations team to set up the ultimate Whale Watching cruise for you.


The Limo Will Pick You Up

The Limo Will Pick You Up

We’ll arrange round trip limousine transfers and a private 4-hour morning or afternoon sailing, whichever you choose, with a catered lunch and your choice of beverages including alcohol. Sounds a lot better than watered down lemonade and stale popcorn, doesn’t it? Your vessel will get as close as 100 feet to the whales and if you travel in February, it’s common to see dozens of mothers and their calves swimming together and a lot of males showing off.

Bring your camera and prepare to be awe-inspired.



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