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Thailand Must Do Honeymoon or Vacation

Sheila Cannon Oct 03, 2016 0

Considering a vacation or honeymoon in Thailand?  Here’s a romantic, off the beaten path idea you must do.
float-hotel-river-kwai River-Kwai-Jungle-Rafts

On the River Kwai, there are a few hotels built right on the river.  (If the name sounds familiar, it was depicted in the 1957 film The Bridge on the River Kwai about WWII POWs).

The following are hotels I recommend, but please keep in mind that services and amenities vary.  One has no electricity, air conditioning or no wifi, for example.

  • The Float House River Kwai Resort
  • River Kwai Jungle Rafts

I do have a favorite, which I would be happy to share.  If you would like help putting an amazing vacation or honeymoon together, please call me at 800-733-7471.

I highly recommend staying at one of these as part of a complete Thailand experience.


It takes between 2.5 to 3.5 hours to get to the nearby dock from Bangkok, based on traffic conditions and weather.  Then, you’ll transfer to your resort, through the jungle with wildlife on either side, by long boat.  That part takes under 10 minutes.

These hotels are floating on the winding river.  The water is actually flowing underneath the deck of your room.  They are linked to the land by a small footbridge.  Every room has a deck and there are pontoons where you can jump into the river.

The two of you can do many different things or nothing at all. 

Here are some ideas: 

Relaxing activities:  Read a book while you enjoy the river view, relish your moments in the beautiful, natural atmosphere of the green jungle, a romantic massage, visit the fruit garden, watch the river flowing and the mist among the mountains, swing on the porch or simply cuddle in bed with the river flowing beneath you.  At night, listen to the sounds of the surrounding jungle.


Adventurous activities: Something really unforgettable you can do at the resorts is river jumping.  You jump off a pontoon at your room and float down the river, get out, walk back and do it all over.  A river jump is especially fun in the midst of a rainstorm.  Life jackets, provided by the hotel, are a must, due to the fast current.  Other activities are tours to waterfalls, caves, national parks, bamboo rafting, canoeing, helping a mahout feed and bath elephants at Elephant World.  Some hotels provide free bikes that you can ride around the village.

Cultural activities:  Hellfire Pass museum commemorating the notorious Death Railway depicted in the above-mentioned movie, explore the Mon village, visit with local children.

Culinary activities:  Cocktails at the jungle bar, breakfast buffets, relaxing dinners.

If you’re ready for your own adventure in Thailand, I would love to help you make it better than you’d ever dreamed.  To get started, please click one of the links below to complete my vacation questionnaire and then make a phone appointment.

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