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Swimming with Dolphins

Sheila Cannon Oct 22, 2015 0

We were recently in Los Cabos, near the old town of San Jose del Cabo.  We stayed at the Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos, and rented a car, so we could explore the area easily.  That was a good move.  FYI – driving the car was easy and the roads were pretty good.

One of my clients got married at the Barcelo Grand Faro earlier this year and took her first-look pictures at the San Jose Estuary, so we decided to explore that area.  While there, we stumbled upon a swimming with dolphins program in the Port of Los Cabos.

Being a travel agent, I asked for a tour.  I’m always eager to learn about new resorts and experiences to share with my clients.  Sergio gave us the tour of the whole facility and everything they offer.  The thing I really liked about this facility is that it’s in a natural lagoon and is the only natural habitat for dolphins in Los Cabos.  This is unlike the dolphinariums we saw in Cabo San Lucas (near the arches), where it’s just a big swimming pool.  I felt sorry for the dolphins living there.  When we were done, he asked if we were ready to experience a swim with the dolphins.  We were!

We booked a tour and came back the next day.  We had to choose a dolphin program.  The entry level swim isn’t really a swim at all.  It’s called the Dolphin Encounter; where you get to touch one dolphin and get a kiss, but no swimming.  The middle level swim; Dolphin Swim & Ride, includes a few more behaviors and getting “pushed” by a dolphin, while you hold onto a boogie board.  The deluxe level swim is called the Royal Swim Plus and isn’t anything with royal in it always better?  This swim includes more behaviors with two dolphins; such as a dolphin hug, plus you get to hold onto the dorsal fins of two dolphins, while they swim at high speed and to be pushed by two dolphins.

We figured this would probably be the only time we ever did this, as it’s not cheap, so we opted for the full experience of the Royal Swim Plus.  We changed into our swimsuits, got grouped with other Royal Swim Plus guests and headed to the lagoon.

There is a wide ledge under the water that everyone stands on with the dolphin trainer.  He told us all about the different hand signals and had Cleopatra swim by so we could feel her smooth skin; top and stomach.  She was so soft.  A male Poseidon joined us later.  All the dolphins in the program were so gentle and seemed to really enjoy interacting with the people.  In fact, I began to wonder if they got as much out of the experience as we did.

We also got to “shake hands” with a dolphin and have one touch our upstretched hand.  My favorite photo op was the dolphin kiss.

Finally, we got to the best part; the dolphin swim.  One by one we swam out to the middle of the lagoon.  The first swim experience was called the dolphin swim.  We held our arms out with our hands pointed down, ready to grab the dorsal fins of the two dolphins.  They sped us across the water and released at what seemed like just before the ledge, but it was really in plenty of time.  This is was so fun and garnered the best dolphin swim pics, however my favorite was the dolphin push.  We swam out again, stuck our legs out stiff behind us with our arms in a T shape.  The two dolphins rushed up and pushed our feet.  As we arched our backs, we came up and almost completely out of the water.  Again, they broke off before getting to the ledge.

What a rush!  This was such an amazing experience.  It’s one that anyone who’s comfortable swimming and with fish should try at least once in their life.  This is a very special experience for couples to do, especially on their honeymoon.  You’ll come away with pictures to cherish for a lifetime.  Los Cabos is an excellent place for both a dolphin swim and a honeymoon.

Give me a call at 800-733-7471 and let me take the stress and drama out of planning a fabulous honeymoon or special romantic anniversary trip to Los Cabos.  I’ll arrange a wonderful hotel in a great location, seamless transportation and amazing experiences like swimming with the dolphins or a romantic candlelit dinner on the beach.

Los Cabos is also a perfect location for a destination wedding or renewal of vows.  Let me take care of the details, so you don’t have to!

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