Exclusive Switzerland Travel: From Zurich to Jungfraujoch

As the owner and Chief Romance Designer of Carefree Romantic Vacations, my passion lies in crafting unforgettable luxury Swiss adventures. Join me on an exquisite journey through Switzerland, where elegance and adventure converge to create the perfect getaway for discerning travelers.

An In-Depth Trek in Switzerland

My luxury Swiss adventure began with a scenic train ride from Zurich to Pontresina. Upon arrival, I embarked on a hike toward the majestic Roseg Glacier, an invigorating start to my luxurious Swiss adventure.

Scenic view of Roseg Glacier with snow-covered peaks and lush green pine forest in the foreground

Roseg Glacier: A Stunning Blend of Snow-Capped Peaks and Verdant Forests

Unparalleled Luxury in Your Swiss Adventure at the Grand Hotel Kronenhof

St. Moritz is synonymous with opulence, and the Grand Hotel Kronenhof epitomizes this luxury. The spa treatments in the to-die-for spa, coupled with stunning views from enormous picture windows, were truly rejuvenating.

Elegant facade of Grand Hotel Kronenhof with green domed roof and surrounding alpine landscape makes for a luxury Swiss adventure.

Experience Unparalleled Luxury at the Grand Hotel Kronenhof in the Heart of the Swiss Alps

Lunch at the Waldhaus Hotel in nearby Sils was a culinary delight, enhanced by the charming ambiance of a player piano. A gondola ride to Diavolezza offered thrilling views of a glacier, a reminder that Switzerland’s natural beauty is as captivating as its luxurious accommodations. Up there, the new ski season will start in just a few weeks.

Scenic gondola ride to Diavolezza with snow-capped mountains and autumn foliage on a luxury Swiss adventure

Enjoy a Scenic Gondola Ride to Diavolezza with Stunning Views of the Swiss Alps

Switzerland’s Incredible Transportation System Delivers Luxury Swiss Adventures

Switzerland boasts an impeccable public transportation system. A law mandates that every city with over 300 inhabitants must be accessible by public transport, allowing seamless a luxury Swiss adventure without the need for a car.

Sculpture of a woman passenger with a wide-brimmed hat, luggage, and an umbrella at a Swiss train station.

A detailed sculpture of a woman passenger wearing a wide-brimmed hat, with her luggage and umbrella, displayed at a Swiss train station.

Ticino – The Italian Speaking Region of Switzerland

Ascona, located on Lake Maggiore, is one of Switzerland’s most exclusive destinations. We visited during the Chestnut Festival, a vibrant celebration of local culture.

Chestnut roaster at the Chestnut Festival at Lake Maggiore during a luxury Swiss adventure.

A chestnut roaster in action at the lively Chestnut Festival held at Lake Maggiore.

Stands and tents, music and little markets animate the main streets and squares of Lugano for the Fall Festival. The event combines folklore, wine and gastronomy, street artists and musicians, and particularly the celebration of grape and wine. A feast for everyone, both locals and visitors, offering a real taste of fall in Ticino.

Sheila Cannon with father and daughter musicians at the Chestnut Festival on Lake Maggiore.

Sheila Cannon enjoys the company of father and daughter musicians at the Chestnut Festival on Lake Maggiore.

Our little group passed the time in the morning waiting for the train by walking up to the Castelgrande. The Castelgrande sits atop a rocky peak overlooking the beautiful valley, with a series of fortressed walls that safeguard the old city.

Luxury Swiss adventure at the Castelgrande fortress overlooking Bellinzona.

The historic Castelgrande fortress offers a commanding view over Bellinzona’s old town.

Luxury Swiss Adventures on the William Tell Express

Fast is certainly what the “Express” is not. But it is a first-class luxury Swiss adventure at its finest. The William Tell Express is a route taking you between the docks of the city of Lucerne to Italian speaking Switzerland south of the Alps. In Ticino, we boarded a panorama coach of the Gotthard Railway to our destination of Fluelen. There, we were welcomed aboard the first-class upper deck of an historic paddlewheel steamer. The elegant saloon and onboard restaurant made for a memorable journey to Lucerne and two and three-quarter cruising hours later we arrived in Lucerne.

William Tell Express train waiting for passengers on Lake Lucerne.

The iconic William Tell Express paddle steamer awaits passengers on the shores of Lake Lucerne.

Sheila Cannon with the captain of the paddle steamer on the William Tell Express route; a luxury Swiss adventure.

Sheila Cannon, author and travel specialist, with the captain of the paddle steamer segment of the William Tell Express journey.

We saw some incredible scenery from the trains. I was especially pleased with this photo on the lake. I love the way the trees and the man fishing from the boat are reflected in the water.

Fisherman in a boat on a lake, with reflections of trees and the man fishing.

A serene moment captured from a train ride, showing a fisherman in a boat and the reflections on the lake’s surface.

Lucerne in the German Speaking Region of Switzerland

The language spoken here is Swiss German, which is quite different from the German spoken in Germany. The longest word in Swiss German means kitchen cupboard. It sounds like kookie-cash-t-lee.

Image of the Swiss German word

The word “Chuchichäschtli,” meaning kitchen cupboard, is known as the longest word in Swiss German.

Jungfraujoch: Top of Europe

One highlight of my Swiss adventure was the journey to Jungfraujoch, Europe’s highest altitude railway station at 11,332 ft. It is the saddle between two peaks that are over 13,000 ft.; Jungfrau and Monch.

Red train luxury Swiss adventure to Jungfraujoch amidst stunning mountains.

A scenic train ride to Jungfraujoch, showcasing breathtaking mountains and a distinctive red train.

From the top we saw Aletsch Glacier, which is a candidate for the seven natural wonders of Europe and is the world’s largest glacier. Those lines going down the center are not a road, but huge crevasses where the three glaciers meet that are coming down each of the valleys.

Aerial view of the Aletsch Glacier, the largest glacier in Europe.

The Aletsch Glacier, a contender for Europe’s seven natural wonders, spans majestic landscapes.

Grindelwald and Interlaken – Bases for Luxury Swiss Adventures

The Hotel Belvedere in the mountain hamlet of Grindelwald is a wonderful, family owned hotel with beautiful views. My corner room provided a perfect vantage point of the glacier and the valley below. The cow bells tinkling across the valley were music to my ears.

View from Hotel Belvedere in Grindelwald, overlooking the glacier and valley below on a luxury Swiss adventure.

The stunning vista from Hotel Belvedere in Grindelwald offers a panoramic view of the glacier and valley.

Bern, the Capital of Switzerland

The capital of Switzerland is Bern. It doesn’t have a big city feel, but is surprisingly quaint with the Aare river looping through it. We ate at the Rose Garden and had a wonderful view (and wonderful food).

Scenic view of Bern through a wine glass from the Rose Garden during a luxury Swiss adventure

The scenic view of Bern seen through a wine glass at the Rose Garden restaurant.

Bern is famous for the Bear Pits and the bears looked very happy in their nice, big pool. The Bear Pits have recently been upgraded to a more modern zoo type environment, with more privacy for the bears, now called BearPark.

Bear walking in the grass at the Bear Pits of Bern.

A bear strolling in the grassy enclosure at the Bear Pits of Bern.

There are fountains all over Bern and many of the statues depict their fairy tales. Almost every day, you can find a street market of some kind.

Fountain in Bern with a statue depicting a fairy tale.

A whimsical statue at a fountain in Bern depicting a fairy tale scene.

We were fortunate to visit a master Chocolatier at Confiserie Beeler, where we decorated our own souvenirs and sampled the silky smooth chocolate. Yum!

Display of chocolate for sale at Confiserie Beeler to enjoy on a luxury Swiss adventure.

A tempting array of chocolates on display at Confiserie Beeler.

The food in Switzerland is really amazing. And, there are many great restaurants and bars below the streets in cellars in Bern. They each have so much character, beautiful furnishings and architecture.

Patrons dining in a cellar restaurant in Bern.

Guests enjoying a meal in a cozy cellar restaurant in Bern.

Zurich: Switzerland’s Largest City

Our last couple of days were spent of Zurich. A highlight of our trip for me was a cooking class at Hiltl, the best vegetarian restaurant in town. We got to meet the owner who shared his family history of running the place and his innovative and fresh ideas to keep his business vibrant.

Author with the owner of Hiltl, the best vegetarian restaurant in Zurich.

Sheila Cannon, author and travel expert, with Rolf Hiltl, the owner of Hiltl, renowned as Zurich’s top vegetarian restaurant.

We had a cooking class and the chefs even made the food we prepared look as appetizing as it tasted.

Vegetarian food prepared during a cooking class at Hiltl.

Participants creating delicious vegetarian dishes during a cooking class at Hiltl, Zurich.

The Hotel Schweizerhof in Zurich was a fitting place to end our luxury Swiss adventure. It was very luxurious, but the service is really what set it apart. I even got an escort to the train station across the street, who helped me with my bags and made sure I was on the correct platform to meet my train to the airport.

Escort from The Hotel Schweizerhof to the train station in Zurich. The end of a luxury Swiss adventure.

Sheila Cannon’s escort ensuring a safe journey to the train station from The Hotel Schweizerhof, Zurich.

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