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10 Questions for Honeymooners to Ask to Get Just the Right Overwater Bungalow in Tahiti

Sheila Cannon Jul 31, 2014 0

When you think of your ultimate honeymoon, chances are you’re thinking about an overwater bungalow in Tahiti; Bora Bora to be exact. Your cozy cottage for two is perched in the middle of the ocean, facing impressive Mount Otemanu or looking out to sea and stunning sunsets that will take your breath away. You’re imagining a big glass panel in the floor where you can marvel at the beautiful tropical fish swimming by. Am I right?

Sunset in Bora Bora

Did you know that not all over water bungalows in Tahiti are created equal? For example, some don’t have any glass panels (AKA Tahitian TV) in the floor at all. Others you can’t get into the ocean from, because they’re above shallow coral reefs and you would be cut to pieces. If you aren’t careful, you could end up in a bungalow that’s half over land, half over water with no glass panel to watch the fish! Your honeymoon could be ruined right there and that’s what we don’t want!

Is a glass panel in the floor of your overwater bungalow a must?

Here are ten questions you should ask yourself to make sure you get just the right overwater bungalow in Tahiti:

  1. Do we want to be close to the beach, so it’s more convenient to reach the restaurants and shops; or farther out so we have more privacy and feel more secluded?
  2. Do we want a glass panel in floor to watch the fish without leaving our room?
  3. Do we prefer a resort, mountain, ocean, sunrise or a sunset view?
  4. Can we have fun jumping in the water right from our deck?
  5. Do we prefer to be in the safety of shallow water or being able to swim easier in deep water?
  6. Some of the beautiful fish you’ll see from your bungalow

    We’re going to be doing a lot of snorkeling, so is there a shower on the deck to rinse off the salt water?

  7. Is a big tub in the bungalow for romantic bubble baths important to us?
  8. Do we want to be near coral reefs, so that we’re guaranteed to see lots of fish?
  9. Do we want a big deck at our bungalow with chairs to relax on and just soak up the sun?
  10. Is a private pool right at our bungalow a big priority for us?

    Private Pool at Tahiti Overwater Bungalow

Once you’ve decided what’s important to you, you’ll know exactly what to look for. You can call each of your prospective hotels to make sure you get just the right overwater bungalow in Tahiti, or you can click here to set up an appointment with me to do that for you!

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