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Renewing Vows Helped This Couple Deal With a Rare Form of Bone Disease

Sheila Cannon May 08, 2014 0

I recently had the opportunity to interview a lovely lady named Maura, who shared her experience of renewing her vows at a Sandals Resort and the surprise benefits when the unthinkable happened.  You can watch this video (or keep reading…)

Sheila at Carefree Romantic Vacations: Maura, can you tell us about your experience at retying the knot at Sandals with your husband and the emotions you experienced?

Maura: Yeah, I think that was the biggest surprise for me. I was expecting it to be beautiful; I wasn’t expecting it to be as emotionally impactful as it was. You know, when you decide to re-commit it brings up conversations that I just really wasn’t expecting, as far as where we’ve been together on our journey, where we are now and where we want to go with the rest of it. And, even just the simple exercise of choosing which music we wanted played; that alone, picking songs that had words that really speak to what we feel was an amazing, amazing experience. Sandals did an incredible job with the setup; the choice of locations where we said our vows, the flowers, the cake. Everything that they provided was spectacular. But, it was the emotional surprises that really stunned me.

Retie the Knot at Sandals

Sheila at Carefree Romantic Vacations: Did it make a difference after you retied the knot in how you and your husband interacted with each other?

Maura: Well, it absolutely did. Unfortunately, my husband, after we got back, six months later was diagnosed with a rare bone disease that kind of turned our world upside down. And, he even asked “are you happy you said I do for the second time?” because it was a whole new dimension to our relationship. And, I feel the fact that we did renew our vows is really helping us get through this, even now.

Where have you been on your journey?  Where do you want to go in your future?

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