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Destination Weddings

Destination weddings can be absolutely incredible, but they can also be incredibly complicated to plan! Between choosing a location, researching and meeting that location’s unique wedding requirements, booking a location and vendors, coordinating accommodations for your guests and wedding party, and dealing with staff on the other side of the planet, this is a massive undertaking that you don’t want to take on alone. Do yourself a favor and reach out to a calm, patient and organized expert in these things. I’ve helped many couples navigate through all of these fine points, making it easy for them to focus on just a few wedding details. I help them and their guests with all of their travels and coordinate everything with the resort staff on their behalf. I’ll take care of all the moving parts so that all you need to do is show up and say “I do!”

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      I'm Sheila Cannon with Carefree Romantic Vacations. I work with busy couples who long to realize their dream of an exotic honeymoon or stress-free romantic vacation. They want to experience adventure & culture, in an exotic locale. They don't want the stress, drama or hassle of trying to do it all themselves.

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