I Dos and Don’ts – Advice for Wedding Guests

Wise Advice for Wedding Guests

One of my clients, Lisa, was recently married and posted this on Facebook. I thought she made some very helpful points for wedding guests. I asked if I could share it and Lisa generously agreed.

Wedding tips to any guests from a newly wed gal:

Write your gift in the corner of the card. (This is helpful in case your card gets lost from it’s gift and also can help keep things organized. A few people did that for us and it’s genius!! I will do this from now on. Even if I give cash.)

Write checks out using “or” not “and” if you feel the need to write both names. Or just write it to one person. Use the bride’s maiden name unless you want them to hold on to your check for several months.

Always attach a gift receipt. (Sometimes things come broken, repeated registry gifts where given, or color or size didn’t match exactly as bride and groom thought.)

Write the amount on the gift card. (Surprises are not necessary.)

When the couple sits down to eat, let them eat. Give them space. This is the only 5-10 minutes they get together.

Don’t wear all white. Or mostly white. Or something close to white. Just don’t.

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