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Reviews | Trip and Safari

Michigan Couple Adventures to Egypt on Lindblad/National Geographic Expedition Trip

Several years ago we selected Sheila to plan our trip to Switzerland and Italy, and she was excellent. What makes Sheila different is:  communication skills, efficiency and follow thru, and an easy going/friendly approach.  She knows the right questions to ask to help you define what you want.

We just returned from Egypt, and again Sheila did an exceptional job and the trip was perfect!  We never once worried about the trip, we just immersed ourselves in the experience and it unfolded flawlessly.   We give Sheila our highest recommendation!!


Ginny & Mary F.,

Couple on Adventurous Alaska Expedition

Newly Retired Banning Couple "See Everything" in Alaska on Tauck Expedition

Sheila was recommended to us by friends who went to Alaska on a cruise, which they loved. Since my husband and I recently retired, we wanted to see “everything” in Alaska. Since we had never been on a cruise or a tour of this magnitude, we had lots of questions and reservations about all of it…but Sheila answered all of them and sent us lots of emails and docs that not only helped alleviate any nervousness but also got us more excited about our trip! After getting some background on us, she gave us choices she thought would be a good fit, and we ended up loving the land tour we took the first week, and then the relaxing cruise we took the second week. We saw so many different sites, both beautiful geographically and interesting culturally…more than we ever thought we would. We have lots of stories and memories for our families and friends and will be recommending Sheila to all of them for their vacation needs. Thanks for the quality, organization and ease of working with you on our first adventure Sheila!

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Dee & Fred H.,

Calimesa Couple Has Flawless Vacation to British Isles

Sheila planned our 34 day vacation thru Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and England, with a return trip on the Queen Mary II, and a weekend in Virginia.

Everything was flawless! We had multiple travel connections traveling by plane, train, ferry, rental cars, limousines, and ocean lines. With 15 different hotels along the way and multiple tours, we expected to hit some bumps along the way, but with Sheila’s attention to detail, we never had an issue.

Sheila also utilizes a mobile app that gives you access to all your travel details anywhere and anytime.

First, I would highly recommend Sheila for any travel plans, work or pleasure.
Second, I would recommend a visit to the British Isles.

We’ll be using Sheila again for our next trip.

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Jon & Barb B.,

Anaheim Couples Books with Sheila for the Third Time

Once again Sheila came through for us big time! My Wife and I have worked with Sheila for our Honeymoon in Italy, our 1st Anniversary in Canada, and we just returned from our 2nd Anniversary trip to Ireland!

Sheila has put in the time and gone to so much of the world herself; she know’s where to go, what to do when you’re there and how long or short you should spend in a given city. Sheila affords us the ability to leave the planning to her. She takes our initial ideas and runs with them. So once we’re there, we can just take everything in and enjoy ourselves.

For as long as she’s doing this, Sheila will be planning our trips! Thanks for all the work you’ve put in for us!

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Drew & Amanda L.,

Beaumont Couple Has Their Travel Problems Solved

I highly recommend contacting Sheila if you are planning a trip anywhere!  We recently went on a Mediterranean cruise and had already booked our flights and cruise when we realized we really didn’t know how we were going to get around in Spain or where we should stay.  I called Sheila for the first time and she was awesome!  She provided options for hotels and private tours based on our budgets and made sure all of our transportation was taken care of.  We stayed at the most beautiful hotels and had the best service.  She arranged private tours at each port so we could see everything there was to see.  She added extras we never would have received on our own.  I only wish I had called her earlier and had her book our cruise and flights.  She knows all about where you want to go and you can trust her recommendations. We plan on taking another trip to Europe next year and will definitely book everything through Sheila!

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Chris & Craig K.,

Escondido Appreciates Saved Headaches and Memories Made

**UPDATE 04/19/19**

If you read the review below, you can see that my husband and I had previously used Sheila’s services for our honeymoon about three years ago. Her attention to details and ability to catch the essence of what we want/need in our trip were the reasons we decided to use her services again for our Europe trip with my parents.

I contacted Sheila a few months before our estimated time that we wanted to do Europe. We could only vacation for a maximum of two weeks in March because of work, but also wanted to fit in as much as we could. Sheila was on top of her game, listening to everything we wanted, and even recommending some amazing destinations that we didn’t even think of. In a span of two weeks, we went from Los Angeles to Amsterdam (our favorite city!), Paris, Munich, Lucerne, Venice, Rome , and everything in between. We listened to every single one of her recommendations, including taking a 1st class train vs coach, and her recommendations made a world of a difference. Sheila was able to make this whirlwind of a trip memorable and amazing, from letting us see a glacier at the top of the snow-capped mountains in Switzerland, to seeing the golden lavishness of the Versailles. Even with our schedule, she made sure to leave time for us to explore on our own.

While my husband and I knew that Sheila is amazing, my parents were blown away by her expertise and helpfulness. Even throughout the whole trip, she was accessible through a handy app that she provided, email, or by phone, which is incredibly reassuring during international trips. We will definitely use her services again for our next international trip! We love you, Sheila, for the headaches you saved and the memories you helped make!

**END UPDATE 04/19/19**

I am so glad I reached out to Sheila in getting our honeymoon booked. I was already stressed out about wedding planning that I figured getting help on the honeymoon front would be useful. Holy moley, was that one of the best decisions of my life. Sheila took care of me from the beginning, listening to all our preferences and giving us so many options. The honeymoon we chose was the best experience of my and my husband’s lives, much better than we could have ever hoped for. Our honeymoon was relaxing, action-packed, and amazing all at once. We were completely spoiled at our hotel, our Coba Mayan excursion allowed our adventurous sides to come out, and the Dolphin Discovery allowed the kids in us to have fun! We had nothing to worry about on our trip as Sheila arranged transportation and so many benefits for us! I definitely will be using Sheila again for any anniversary vacations for both me and my husband and for my parents and in-laws. Thank you so much, Sheila!

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Hyunjin & Sean P.,

Fountain Valley Couple Enjoys First Class Travel

Sheila was awesome, very detailed and everything she put together was first class. We booked a Mediterranean cruise with stops in Barcelona, Italy and France. She booked our hotels when we decided to spend extra time in Barcelona. They were extremely clean, comfortable and very friendly and helpful. She also booked private tours for our stops in France and Italy. The private tours were first class as well. Sheila will be our go to gal for all of our future travels. Thanks again Sheila!


Terry & Kelly C.,

Beaumont Couple Enjoys Anniversary in Ireland

Sheila Cannon set up the most wonderful anniversary trip to Ireland for my husband and I! She made everything SO easy, had everything ready and booked for us. We got free upgrades along the way and didn’t have to worry about a single thing. The trip was well thought out. Will definitely be using her again in the future!

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Stephan & Amanda P.,

Chino Hills Honeymoons in 4 Italian Cities

My now husband did not want me to fuss over the honeymoon since I was doing a bulk of the wedding planning and he was going to be jetting off to his military training for 5 months so he hired Sheila to book and plan our honeymoon for us. What a great idea that was!! We chatted with Sheila about what we liked and didn’t like, where we wanted to go and what we wanted to see. Based on this, Sheila put together an itinerary for us and a few hotels she had selected for us to stay. After some tweaks based on our input, most everything was taken care of for us – hotels booked, flights booked, tours booked. In the week before the wedding, we received our travel documents and I was NOT expecting to not have to lift a single finger for our honeymoon. She had included the itinerary with the hotel stay, flight information, tour info and meeting place, as well as directions to and from each place! Our trip was in Italy and we were not going to have cell service out there, so having all of those directions ahead of time was SO helpful! Each day I only had to check the itinerary and pull out whatever vouchers or directions we would need for that day. And, given Sheila’s connections with various hotels, we received some perks along the way. We will definitely use Sheila to help us book future trips and it was all just so worry-free! Thank you for helping to plan an amazing honeymoon for us!!

Christian & Jeannette J.,

Rancho Santa Margarita Couple Honeymoons in Four Italian Cities

My husband and I were so busy planning our wedding that we didn’t have the time or energy to plan our honeymoon in Italy. We are SO glad that we found Sheila to plan EVERYTHING!!!! She took care of the hotels, transportation between cities and travel from the airports. She put everything in an amazing app for our phones. All the ticket vouchers and tour information along with flight details…Sheila didn’t miss anything!!!! She even sent us a printed packet in the mail before we left just in case so we had a hard copy. The trip through four cities in Italy was a honeymoon to remember! There was so much care and personalization that went into booking the trip. Sheila had welcome surprises for us when we checked into every hotel. The tour companies were great and the guides were fantastic! So knowledgeable and made our time that much more enjoyable. HIGHLY recommend Sheila not only for a honeymoon booking but if you need guidance to book a big trip. We can’t imagine going with a travel agency now that we know the skill set that Sheila brings. She is so well traveled and is excellent in helping create an itinerary to remember. Thank you Sheila!!!!

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Brooke & Mike P.,

Beaumont Couple Enjoys Beautiful Ireland

Thank you Shelia for helping me book our wonderful trip to beautiful Ireland. I appreciate your attention to detail and how easy you made everything for us.


Mitch & Brandi W.,

Lake Forest Couple 1st Anniversary in Greece

Sheila put together an amazing trip to Greece for our 2nd wedding anniversary. My husband had limited time off for this vacation and Sheila gave us great advice on how to divide our time in Greece. After talking to her, we decided on Athens and Santorini. She was accomodating to our budget and also very responsive. She took care of all the reservations (flights, transfers, hotels, tours, etc) and worked out all the details so that our trip would be seamless. This trip was different because we didn’t have to worry about anything. Everything was taken care of by Sheila! All the little touches from welcome gifts at each of our stays to the hotel upgrades made this vacation very special for us. Sheila is very knowledgeable and experienced and we would recommend her in a heartbeat! Thank you Sheila!!

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Neerav & Jasmin P.,

Yucaipa Couples Does African Safari for 40th Anniversary

OMG. Sheila organized THE BEST 40th Anniversary trip…an African Safari! We did South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia. About 4 days in each place. Land and water safaris. Exhilarating. We saw the big 5 several times over. Amazing. She let everyone know about our anniversary and EVERYONE made it so special for us. We truly don’t know how we will ever top this one!


Ric & Kim M.,

Riverside Couple Does Disneyland Paris

Sheila once again came through for me. I took a chance and had her plan my Hawaii Honeymoon in 2014 after meeting her at a bridal show. My husband and I were not disappointed. So it came as no surprise that I asked her to plan my 40th b-day trip to Paris & Rome.
She once again made it amazing! I gave her my budget and my list of things that I wanted to do and she made it happen. She was even kind enough to let me know that it would be pointless for me to book/pay for some tours when I could do them on my own. The effortless way she sets up the tours and has the vouchers ready to go is the best. All you have to do is wake up and be ready to explore!
She even booked and took care of my Disney Paris Trip!!! Then it so happened that I ended up loving going to Rome a lot more after the tours she booked for us. My husband was over the moon when he was able to go into the Colosseum and visit the underground!
Her expertise definitely made my 40th birthday trip amazing! Sheila will always be my agent for any/all future trips!

Elizabeth & Victor A.,

Morro Bay Couple Gets a Break from Planning Their Hawaiian Vacation

Typically I spend countless hours fussing over every detail and searching for the best deals when I travel (to the point where it is exhausting and not fun). I was finally ready to book a vacation that didn’t feel like work and called Sheila at Carefree Romantic Vacations. She was extremely helpful, listed carefully to what I wanted, and planned an unforgettable trip. The money and hassle you will save by letting these experts plan your next vacation is priceless. Not doing the planning made it so much more enjoyable! Thank you, Sheila!!!

Steve & Lisa H., Hawaiian

Yucaipa Couple Have Fun Flight Seeing and Bear Viewing in Homer, Alaska

We have booked several vacations with Carefree Romantic Vacations in the past. Never been disappointed. Sheila goes above and beyond to make her clients happy. That’s why she has so many satisfied return customers. She arranged a trip for us to Alaska this year (not a cruise), but land trip with car through the Kenai peninsula. Absolutely amazing! Even when we had a little snag with one of our hotels, she arranged a re-book with another hotel right over the phone within minutes. She’s always available and responds immediately and always comes up with an agreeable solution. This takes sooo much stress out of your travel when you know she’s only a phone call away, or, as with her new travel app, which every client has access to, only a text in real time. She is totally devoted to making sure everything goes smoothly with your travels. I highly recommend using Sheila as your next travel agent, you will be in good hands. You will literally just drive to the airport and, then, leave all your worries behind, knowing that she took care of everything else!

Mike & Marion F., Alaska

Yucaipa Couple Feels Pampered on a 30 Day European Tour

Sheila is great!!! We have used her many times and have never been disappointed.  We booked a 30 day in-depth tour of Europe through Carefree Romantic Vacations.  It was a fantastic trip and Sheila made it even more special with the extra things she arranged for us.

She upgraded the majority of our hotel rooms to 1 and/or 2 room suites with beautiful views.  She also arranged for fruit baskets/beverages to be delivered to our rooms and left little notes for us.  Other people on our tour were jealous with our special treatment.  Even the tour director noticed and asked how we got the upgrades.  It was so funny.

Our last two nights were in Paris.  She arranged for us to be in a business suite with a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower.  The manager of the hotel made a personal visit to our room and welcomed us.  He said that he had received a call from Carefree Romantic Vacations requesting that we were treated as special guests.  The manager then took us to the VIP lounge and we had wine on the house.  Fantastic!!!

We will continue to use Sheila and encourage others to do the same if you want a SPECIAL Romantic Trip.

Ric and Kim Moyer, Yucaipa

Redlands Couple Visits Daughter in Salzburg, Austria

I discovered Sheila after reading the many positive reviews on Yelp. She responded immediately to my inquiry on her site and facilitated the bookings for our last minute trip to Salzburg. She was attentive to any concerns and negotiated matching prices with online sites.  We were greeted after a long flight with an upgraded room, personalized note from Sheila and the hotel, along with a fruit tray.  To have her as a contact was reassuring as we were traveling during a Lufthansa pilot strike. All went well,  and we will use Sheila for future travel adventures.

Kristen & Vance W., Redlands

Yucaipa Couple Enjoy Britain & Ireland Panorama Group Tour With Brendan

Sheila has booked several domestic and international trips for us.  All have been amazing.  She finds out what the client wants in a vacation and then tailors it to their needs.

She is very professional, prompt, makes suggestions based on her experience and other client input.  We have never had any problems with flights, cruises, resorts, transfers or excursions arranged by Sheila.

Its nice to have a travel agent that knows her business and makes sure the trips are successful and worry free.

I would highly recommend her to a friend.

Ric & Kim, Yucaipa

Yucaipa Couple Enjoy Romantic Vacation At The Kapalua Villas, Maui, Hawaii

We just booked our Hawaii trip with Sheila!! She was Great to work with and got us a really good deal for where we wanted to stay etc. I will be using her for all our travels!! Thanks Sheila!!

Annette Desalliers, Yucaipa

Redlands Couple'S Engagement Trip To Germany & France

Imagine my excitement… a boat trip, But first a fairy tale trip into the German alps. Sheila managed the complicated transfers, planes, trains, automobiles and a floating feast on the canals in central France with ease. Thanks Sheila!!!

Paul Emerson, Redlands

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