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Zach & Tonya V.

Riverside Couple Has No Problem with Celiac Disease

I very rarely, if ever write reviews, however Sheila at Carefree Romantic Vacations deserves a ton of praise.  I had never gone through a travel agent before, but i’m so glad we did.  She saved us countless hours of work/effort and brought an expertise that made everything so simple for us.  We told her what we wanted and she made it happen.  We originally selected the Bahamas, but due to some unforeseen circumstances with the hotel, the resort was closed during our intended stay.  Normally this would be terrible, however Sheila not only called us immediately, but she found us a new, better resort in Jamaica as well as a few free nights stay at any Sandals this year due to the inconvenience.  My wife has celiacs so food was a big issue for us.  Everything was taken care of.  The minute we arrived they they took us to the head chef and totally accommodated all of her food needs.  The trip was a blast; romantic, adventurous, exciting.  Hiking, boating, dancing, drinking, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, everything we wanted.  I’m in the military so I like everything to be organized and planned out and Sheila had everything arranged.  Thanks Sheila for making it happen!!

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