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Grand Terrace Couple Has TWO Trips of a Lifetime

Last year, my husband and I decided we wanted to take a trip for my 30th birthday (to Alaska, because I wanted to see the glaciers before they’re gone!), as well as a New Year’s tropical vacation. Sheila’s efforts allowed us to have two “trip of a lifetime” experiences in a single year!

When we first decided that we wanted to see Alaska, we weren’t even sure how to go about beginning the process and were quickly overwhelmed. But more importantly, in terms of our second trip, while we knew we wanted to go *somewhere* tropical, we weren’t sure exactly where. This is where Sheila comes in! After a short phone call getting to know us both, Sheila quickly helped us choose the right cruise line for our goals (a smaller ship, that was more adult-oriented, with a passable dining experience) and select a location for our first tropical trip (Belize).

Sheila took care of every element of the trip, from booking a private car to take us to our hotel the night before our cruise to the puddle jumper flight we took from Belize City to Placencia (the town our resort was in). Sheila is all about the details and it shows! We were always welcomed with a note from her and often a snack or drink. It’s those little touches that make the difference.

The resort that she found for us in Belize was absolutely gorgeous. It was such a wonderfully relaxing trip, and we were able to relax leading up to it as well, knowing that everything had been taken care of. Sheila kept us informed of any changes to scheduled flight times, and adjusted our itinerary accordingly. When we had an issue with the flight on our way home from Belize, I called Sheila and left a message (after hours), knowing it was a long shot. Not only did she call me back within 10 minutes, she called the airline on our behalf and did her best to come up with alternative solutions for us. Ultimately, it was out of all of our control, but her dedication was impressive nevertheless.

Finally, I have to mention again that Sheila is all about the details. Even when it is outside the parameters of your travel. Every time I emailed with a question (and I had a few), she would respond promptly and without ever making me feel like a bother. She sent us guest passes to the Magic Castle(!!!) with our itinerary for each trip. The Magic Castle is an institution in Southern California and is only accessible to members and their guests. We were unbelievably excited to have this opportunity, courtesy of her thoughtfulness! Sheila also sent us a lovely custom ornament at Christmas to commemorate our Alaskan cruise! I can not emphasize enough how much effort Sheila puts into maintaining relationships with her clients and it makes all of the difference.

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