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Michael and Marie Wedemeyer

Melbourne Beach Couple Enjoy Daughter'S Magical Destination Wedding In Cabo

What does a young Bride, Groom, and 40 of their wedding guests, traveling from Hawaii, California, Oregon, Texas, Florida, South Carolina and Virginia all have in common??

A four-day destination wedding celebration, at an all-inclusive resort, in Cabo San Lucas, Baja, Mexico!! That’s what!

Sheila Cannon and Carefree Romantic Vacations was there to help guide us every step of the way.

Sheila helped us find, choose, and secure our dream all-inclusive destination.

She worked with every guest to safeguard his or her air travel arrangements.

She took care of all the transfers to and from the resort.

Sheila listened and catered to each guest’s requests before booking their room reservation.

Sheila was always there for us: To answer any questions –

To make recommendations  – And to make adjustments to our itinerary

And what ADJUSTMENTS she had to make:

On September 14th, after booking the airfare, picking the resort, booking rooms, and making plans with our wedding planner…Hurricane Odile hits the Baja peninsula for the 1st time in recorded history.  For a month or two following the Hurricane we thought the resort we chose would be back in business in time to host our wedding in May, but that was not to be the case.   The resort would not be open until June…

We had 40 guests with plane tickets, heading to Cabo in May, with no place to stay, and no wedding scheduled to attend…Bummer! Now it’s December…Big Bummer!

Without missing a beat, Sheila took control of the situation, went back to square one, and began again.

Sheila found us a new resort, booked the rooms, secured our daughters wedding date, and did it all… with her positive, can do – will do – attitude.

This is a woman who is driven, and loves her work.

How did our daughters wedding celebration turn out?

Absolutely FANTASTIC!!!  It could not have been better.

Our guests said it was the best and most amazing wedding celebration they had ever been to. My wife and I have to agree; it was magical. Thank you Sheila!

Finding a great travel agent takes a lot of your time and effort.

You can now rest easy my friend…

Congratulations… you have done it!

You have just found Sheila Cannon and Carefree Romantic Vacations.

Making and SECURING your travel plans doesn’t get any better than this!

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