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Maria C. & Michele C.

Riverside Ladies Rejuvenate in Jamaica

This is the second trip that I have booked with Sheila, and nothing, but PERFECT describes the experience! A friend of mine and I utilized Sheila for our girls trip. Having come from professions and lives, which call for having to make all the arrangements for everything in our lives, when I wanted to book the perfect vacation, hassle free and with TOTAL confidence that someone could advocate on our behalf if necessary, I knew that Sheila would be THE ONE. First, the service is excellent. Sheila is very willing and flexible to communicate with you ON ANY DAY, in ANY fashion. We sent text, made phone calls and emails to her, depending on what was at our disposal on any given day. Her communication with us was professional, knowledgeable and spot on. I chose Sheila because of her attention to detail, professionalism, kindness and travel knowledge. She takes the time to ask questions about you personally and get to know what it is that you’re looking for. I appreciate that she also makes recommendations suitable to the needs you’re asking for. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, IT IS OKAY, she will help you figure it out. If you don’t know where to go, IT IS OKAY, she will make recommendations consistent with your personality and your wants. Using Sheila meant that I did not have to bother with making phone calls, waiting on endless hold to make reservations, and having someone to take care of you; everything was EASY.  Oh….the Magic Castle ticket is a little very special extra treat that you get with the booking.
Seriously, I am very type A and extremely selective and detail oriented, on both occasions that I have booked with Sheila, I have not been disappointed. My vacation was nothing less than perfect.
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