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Kevin & Sieun K.

Irvine Couple Has Wonderful Experience with a Hawaiian Honeymoon

After we got married, we needed to plan a quick honeymoon. Sheila was the specialist we needed. With busy schedules, demanding clients, and a non-stop type of our lifestyle, Sheila took care of all of the details. It was so worth the expense. She asked us our budget, our preferences, and booked the perfect relaxing and fun honeymoon. There are so many details to arranging this honeymoon that we certainly couldn’t have done it without her. Plus all of the additional little touches, like her availability, her responsiveness to our emails, her gifts for our trip, it was all a wonderful experience. Highly recommend.
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Top 5 Things to Take with You for a Romantic Getaway

  • Set the Stage for Romance
  • Use these Ancient Seduction Secrets
  • Don't Forget the Most Important Item!

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    I'm Sheila Cannon with Carefree Romantic Vacations. I work with busy couples who long to realize their dream of an exotic honeymoon or stress-free romantic vacation. They want to experience adventure & culture, in an exotic locale. They don't want the stress, drama or hassle of trying to do it all themselves.

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