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Kendall & Patrick F.

Upland Bride & Groom Honeymoon In Arenal, Tamarindo And San Jose, Costa Rica

Sheila was absolutely amazing! Her response time was almost immediate and she really took the time to get to know you and what you were looking for in order to put together the perfect package for you and had no problem changing little details after the trip was already set. She was really very accommodating to anything we wanted and was still able to keep everything within the budget we decided on. I personally never would have thought to use a travel agent before, I would have thought that I could out everything together myself for a cheaper cost. But after working with Sheila, I realize that I was totally wrong. Her prices are not very much to begin with but the work she does completely pays for itself. Every now and then I would get an email from her saying hey I have a good relationship with these people so I was able to take off an extra $100 or something like that. This actually happened a few times in varying amounts and the the amount taken off was way more than her fees and something I wouldn’t have been able to do had I booked everything on my own. Then there were all of the little extra surprises when we actually arrived. I know she wouldn’t want me to give anything away but let me just assure your honeymoon will be much more enjoyable because of Sheila! I have nothing bad to say about her service. She is just wonderful!

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    I'm Sheila Cannon with Carefree Romantic Vacations. I work with busy couples who long to realize their dream of an exotic honeymoon or stress-free romantic vacation. They want to experience adventure & culture, in an exotic locale. They don't want the stress, drama or hassle of trying to do it all themselves.

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