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Ken & Maureen T.

Ladera Ranch Bride & Groom Honeymoon At Sandals Negril, Jamaica

My wife and I wanted to go to Jamaica for our honeymoon. We didn’t know what resort we wanted or what part of the island, just that we wanted to go to Jamaica. We met Shelia at a bridal show in Costa Mesa and started to talk with her. The first thing I noticed immediately was that she wasn’t pushy or trying to sell us anything. Being a guy, the bridal show was already unbearable, but constantly being pushed to buy trivial stuff that you don’t need gets tiring to say the least. We spoke with her for about 15 minutes and she gave us some literature to take home and read. We probably spoke a few more times over the phone and finally narrowed down what resort we wanted based on Shelia’s recommendation. Once we put the deposit Sheila did everything. She did a great job booking flights and hotel accommodations. Our trip was planed out seven months in advance and from time to time she would check in with us for any changes and give us status updates. In addition every so often little gifts would show up in the mail; what a great touch. When the time came to finally take our trip we arrived at the resort only to find out that the accommodations that we had booked were not available. To say we were disappointed was a understatement. Once we were checked into our room (which was not the room we booked) I contacted Sheila just as she said to do in the event something was wrong. She was immediately available and started working the problem right away. She was able to help resolve our issues and kept us informed the entire time. In the end with Sheila’s help my wife and I were able to come to a resolution with the resort that worked for everybody. My wife and I will be returning to Jamaica in December and already have Sheila working on that for us. As a small business owner myself, I believe in the power of repeat business and referrals. The only way to generate either one of these with all other factors being equal is to offer the best customer service possible. Shelia does that and more. Thank You Sheila, Maureen and I look forward to working with you again.

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