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Joanie & Brett K.

San Diego Couples Enjoys Luxury Honeymoon in Tahiti

Sheila made our bucket list trip to Tahiti absolutely amazing! It was so nice to have every single detail taken care of- real luxury!

Leaving the honeymoon to Sheila was one of the best decisions I made early on in my wedding planning process. Trust me- you’ve got so much to plan and take care of, if you want to do a once in a lifetime honeymoon (like we did- Tahiti!) leave it to Sheila. She arranged absolutely everything! Our flights to Tahiti, our excursions, every single transfer (think: dude at the airport with your name on a sign, ready to whisk you away!). Make sure to read all the helpful information she sends- that was our only snafu was a miscommunication that was in the paperwork that I didn’t read (facepalm). We had such an incredible trip; the value of what she provided FAR exceeded the cost, and I would highly recommend working with Sheila!

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