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Escondido Appreciates Saved Headaches and Memories Made

**UPDATE 04/19/19**

If you read the review below, you can see that my husband and I had previously used Sheila’s services for our honeymoon about three years ago. Her attention to details and ability to catch the essence of what we want/need in our trip were the reasons we decided to use her services again for our Europe trip with my parents.

I contacted Sheila a few months before our estimated time that we wanted to do Europe. We could only vacation for a maximum of two weeks in March because of work, but also wanted to fit in as much as we could. Sheila was on top of her game, listening to everything we wanted, and even recommending some amazing destinations that we didn’t even think of. In a span of two weeks, we went from Los Angeles to Amsterdam (our favorite city!), Paris, Munich, Lucerne, Venice, Rome , and everything in between. We listened to every single one of her recommendations, including taking a 1st class train vs coach, and her recommendations made a world of a difference. Sheila was able to make this whirlwind of a trip memorable and amazing, from letting us see a glacier at the top of the snow-capped mountains in Switzerland, to seeing the golden lavishness of the Versailles. Even with our schedule, she made sure to leave time for us to explore on our own.

While my husband and I knew that Sheila is amazing, my parents were blown away by her expertise and helpfulness. Even throughout the whole trip, she was accessible through a handy app that she provided, email, or by phone, which is incredibly reassuring during international trips. We will definitely use her services again for our next international trip! We love you, Sheila, for the headaches you saved and the memories you helped make!

**END UPDATE 04/19/19**

I am so glad I reached out to Sheila in getting our honeymoon booked. I was already stressed out about wedding planning that I figured getting help on the honeymoon front would be useful. Holy moley, was that one of the best decisions of my life. Sheila took care of me from the beginning, listening to all our preferences and giving us so many options. The honeymoon we chose was the best experience of my and my husband’s lives, much better than we could have ever hoped for. Our honeymoon was relaxing, action-packed, and amazing all at once. We were completely spoiled at our hotel, our Coba Mayan excursion allowed our adventurous sides to come out, and the Dolphin Discovery allowed the kids in us to have fun! We had nothing to worry about on our trip as Sheila arranged transportation and so many benefits for us! I definitely will be using Sheila again for any anniversary vacations for both me and my husband and for my parents and in-laws. Thank you so much, Sheila!

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