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Elanie & Chris W.

Iowa Couple Has a Dream Honeymoon in Costa Rica

My husband and I wanted an adventurous honeymoon in Costa Rica, but had no idea where to begin with planning it. A friend of mine, who had her destination wedding planned by Sheila, recommended Carefree Romantic Vacations to us for help with planning our honeymoon.

From our first consultation with Sheila, we were so impressed. Sheila was polite, attentive, and thorough. She asked us questions about ourselves and our likes and dislikes, and listened to all of our requests, budget details, and other hopes for the honeymoon. She promptly e-mailed us with a tentative schedule of places to stay and events to attend that we were thrilled with. She even helped us plan our trip to Florida that we were taking beforehand for Chris’s (the husband’s 😉 ) graduation, and booked our rental car and everything, even though that wasn’t technically part of the honeymoon. We were so thankful!

Sheila hit the nail on the head. Our trip was full of adventures like night hiking, sightseeing, ziplining, snorkling, rainforest tours, a romantic sunset cruise, and so much more! At first we wanted to go bare minimum on the hotels, but Sheila recommended some nicer places to us, and in the end we were so glad she did! We both agreed that the amazing hotels she found for us really made the trip, and it wouldn’t have been the same without those important details that she attended to.

Our trip could not have been half of what it was if we had plan it ourselves. We highly recommend Sheila and Carefree Romantic Vacations to everyone, whether you think you need help planning your vacation or not! Her pricing is so affordable, you really can’t afford not to use her for mapping out your dream vacation. It is so worth it! Thank you, Sheila!

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