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Adriana & Alex N.

Corona Bride & Groom Honeymoon In London, Paris, Rome, Ibiza & Barcelona


First of all I want to say Sheila is hands down the Best!! Our honeymoon would have not been possible if it wasn’t for her. We wanted to go to Europe but it was such a hard itinerary since we wanted to visit a few cities and do many tours. I found Carefree Romantic Vacations online and everyone had very good things to say, so i contacted Sheila, I told her every thing we wanted to do and the budget we had. Best decision ever. She did exactly what we wanted it. Sheila answered every single question I had and when the time came to leave to our honeymoon she called me to go over every single detail. While on our honeymoon I needed to ask Sheila a question she answered my call right away. Nowhere else would you find that type of service!! The whole honeymoon went smooth we had a blast and Sheila was so sweet she had a few lil surprises waiting for us in the hotel room. Honestly she’s excellent, always prompt,very professional and she knows her stuff to the dot. If you want a wonderful honeymoon stress free Carefree Romantic Vacations is the place to go. Sheila we can’t thank you enough.


Sheila is AWESOME!! I was looking for a travel agent everywhere for our European honeymoon. They recommended me two travel agents. They were a nightmare to work with. They had no idea what they were doing.

I went on yelp and found Carefree Romantic Vacations and saw all the great reviews. I made an appt to talk to Sheila. She called me very promptly and asked everything we wanted to do and see in our honeymoon. When I was on the phone with her she sounded very professional and she was very knowledgeable about European Vacations. I received an email from Sheila that same night with hotels and flights to the honeymoon and the itinerary was exactly what I wanted; something the other travel agent had no clue about. Every time I have a question about anything I email her and she replies within minutes. We are DELIGHTED with Sheila. Sheila is exactly what we were looking for. For any future vacations I’m going straight to Sheila.


Thank you so much Sheila for the fantastic job you’ve done and for helping us so much.
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